Granite Slabs UK Ltd (GSUK) offers 8 years warranty over the range of Quartz Direct’s - Engineering Stones (Quartz) purchased against materials manufacturing defects that may happen under the warranty period. The warranty period initiates from the day of the material.
When cleaning and maintaining the stone, clients must follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not apply any direct or indirect abrasive material over the stone.
  • Wipe with warm water and liquid soap using a soft cloth.
  • We do not recommend to apply any sharp object direct to the stone.
  • Do not put high heated/cold materials in direct contact with the stone.
Anyone who uses our approved fabricators with fitter invoice is entitling to Granite Slabs UK Ltd 8 years warranty on Quartz Direct quartz.  Please follow the above guidelines to ensure your 8 years warranty. Active your warranty by emailing us on info@graniteslabsuk.co.uk the completed form (provide by fabricator) and fabricator’s invoice.
Any missed or false information provided by the client will invalidate the 8 years warranty.
The Warranty is restricted to the owner and first fitted address. Therefore it cannot be transferable.
If the manufacturing defect is confirmed, GSUK commit to either repair or replace the material in question. In case of material replacement, GSUK cannot guarantee the exact same colour as previous installed material.
Warranty exceptions
The warranty is only for cost of the material, excluding any installation, fabrication, transportation, as any other associated of materials fitted with the quartz slab.
The warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by use of chemicals and abrasives. Do not apply directly to the stone hot items. Please follow GSUK guidelines above for cleaning and maintenance.
The warranty does not cover any distortion on the material caused by excessive heat or cold and external installed products.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by any other person that is not the original Fabricator/Installer.
It is excluded from the warranty the fabrication and installation process defects and any missed used of the material during the process of fabrication or installation.
The warranty does not cover any event that can cause damage or defect beyond GSUK control.
The warranty does not cover temporary marks like fingerprints or other made by household utensils.
The warranty excludes damages to the stone from markings resulting from impact from sharp or heavy objects resulting in chipping, scratching or cracking. It also excludes any defect visible at the installation of the material.
How to make a claim
Any warranty claims about the material must be notified by the owner of the material to the person that supplied the material (Supplier, Installer, Fabricator, etc.) or to GSUK on 0127 993 9081 or info@graniteslabsuk.co.uk within 30 days of the defect occurring. GSUK will not accept any claims without proof of purchase and payment. 
Please provide the information below and send to info@graniteslabsuk.co.uk together with the invoice of purchase to activate the 8 year warranty offered by Granite Slabs UK.

  1. First name:
  1. Last name:
  1. Email:
  1. Phone:
  1. Address:
  1. Installation date:
  1. Quartz slab name:
  1. Thickness:
  1. Approved fabricator or installer:
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Care and Maintenance


Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your quartz slabs: Quartz is really easy to scrub. It is advised that warm water and gentle detergent or consistency spray be used to clean the traditional quartz, such as “Dettol AntiBacterial Surface Cleaner” or “CIF cleaner”. In certain instances, the slab should appear like fresh with only using soap and water or a gentle detergent.

The “VIM” leather finish can also be used to appreciate the timeless elegance and unparalleled durability for years to come. When required, using a non-abrasive gentle soap with a non-scratch or fragile scrub pad. Afterwards, rinse well with soft, clean water and use a paper towel cloth to avoid any trace leftover.

Quartz Direct Surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Our Quartz surfaces blend contemporary and classical luxury with longevity and strength. Quartz is very durable and has a high shock tolerance, rather like most other work surfaces widely used in the kitchen. This makes for the healthy use of hard kitchen equipment in the kitchen. Our Quartz surfaces are also very resistant to staining – wine, chocolate, vinegar, etc. would not compromise the beauty of our products.

General Maintenance

Quartz Direct hard non-porous surfaces need very little cleaning – in particular, for general spills, we suggest using Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner or Cillit Bang Power Cleaner to simply scrub over the quartz surface for best performance. The use of warm water and gentle detergent in this manner is all that needs to be achieved. Designed in antibacterial defence helps deter general mould and bacteria such that it covers the whole surface – leaving you able to enjoy your kitchen without any concerns.

Durable Surfaces

Quartz is one of the best and most robust surfaces of work relative to other surfaces, but nothing is a chip-proof. Dropping things at the edges can create chips, so please be careful and keep this in mind when using your kitchen. We also may not encourage you to cut or cook food directly on the work surface – we advise you to take care of surfaces and use a cutting board to cover all surfaces.

Heat Resistance

Quartz is very heat-resistant relative to other widely used surfaces such as granite, marble and limestone. Temperatures can exceed 150°C easily, but keep in mind that like all stone materials, quartz can be affected by abrupt increases in temperature. Just to be safe, it is advised that you do not put hot pots and pans directly on the surface and should use a heating pad to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Stubborn Marks and Stains

Make sure you use the recommended product, such as Cif Original Cream, and spread it to the stain, clean with a non-metallic Scotch Brite Cloth. If there are especially greasy stains, you should use Q-Action. Lime scales can be extracted using household limescale removers or white vinegar.

Please Avoid

Do not expose your new Quartz Surfaces to products such as oven cleaners, bleachers, Comets, SOS, Soft Scrubs, Pumice products, polish removers, batteries, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners. Do not use wax, sprays or sealants as this can dull the work surface over time. Never scrub your work surfaces with any products containing Tricholorethane or Methylene Chloride. Also, you should not expose the surfaces to abrasive or heavy alkaline/acid or free radicals or oxidizers. Follow these instructions to ensure that your new quartz surfaces will last for years to come, adding constant elegance to your kitchen or bathroom. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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